Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fan - Marcus Buckingham

Yes I love the term Facebook uses. I mean really Fan I cannot find a better word for it. So here goes this section is for people, places, things that have inspired me over the years. And I am starting this with Marcus Buckingham, a speaker, an author and a lot more.

Marcus Buckingham has inspired me to look at my strengths. Yes its not easy for me especially having grown up in India where the focus is over all growth and if there is a subject that we are not good in then the whole family and community focus on that one weakness instead of the million other strength we have.

Going back to Marcus, his books and seminar have inspired me a lot. I feel more confident in using my strengths and also have learned to deal with my weakness.

I was lucky to have been able to hear him in 2009 in Alexandria, Minnesota. Here is a picture I took with him.

*Yes he is as cute face to face as he is in pictures.


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