Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Book Review: The Buck Stops with You! - John Graci

When Leaders Lead, Employees Become Motivated

Read this book over the weekend. This book has a lot of common sense strategies to help managers motivate their employees. John Graci talks about how managers can really make their employee feel good and want to come to work.

A few of his techniques that really made me think and want to apply:

Listen up - really this shouldn't just be managers we should all be listening to each other at work be it a team member in your project team or a co-worker who may have a suggestion.

Perception is reality - no matter how much we try to deny or justify if someone perceives something to be true then its part of their reality and its hard to change that. If someone things you are rude in your emails even if you don't think so, then its true for them and we cant change that. I think perception management is important for any manager or employee if they want to succeed.

A few other things he talked about were
Involve employees in change
Coach don't lecture
Give recognition
Delegate Authority


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