Friday, October 29, 2010

Review - ALM Expo 2010 - Online conference for ALM

I recently attended this online conference (Oct 26-28, 2010). It was a three day conference on ALM, Cloud and Agile. To know more about the conference or view their pre-recorded session visit

Day 1 was focused on ALM. Absolutely great for people like me who know where little about ALM or what the new trends are. Cloud is here to stay and Application Life cycle Management is a key element to be successful in the cloud. You can go back and listen to the sessions. The Keynote speaker and then the discussion that followed were really informative.

Day 2 focused on Agile (my favorite part of the whole conference). I got a second chance to listen to Jeffrey Fredrick. Again the keynote discussion was good. Had some good polls during the sessions.

Day 3 focused on Cloud. These sessions tied the other two days together. It helped put the three (Agile, ALM and cloud) in perspective and how they are interconnected.

They had a scavenger hunt all three days for some reason I could not find the questions as per the instructions. I wish there was someone to help with that.


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