Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ask or Answer and Get Paid

I am really excited about the latest badge earnings that IT Knowledge Exchange is offering. ITKE gives you points for every questions you ask, for every answer you provide and for approving answers. The details on earning points can be found here.

Here is my previous blog on ITKE.

This is a summary view of the points
  • Ask a Question: 5 Knowledge Points
  • Answering a Question: 15 Knowledge Points
  • Discussing a Question: 10 Knowledge Points
  • Accepting an Answer: 10 Knowledge Points - approve an answer a fellow member has give to your question

The more you exchange knowledge the more you earn. Their new rewarding system pays going forward and also retrospective. So if you have been active look for emails from them. If you have not been active this is the time to really look at how you can participate. More information can be found at

Earning Badges Pays Off - Literally!

Earning badges pays off - Today!

From here on out, prizes will be as follows:
  • Bronze Member Badge: Sticker and ITKnowledgeExchange t-shirt
  • Silver Member Badge: $25 Gift Card
  • Gold Member Badge: $50 Gift Card
  • Platinum Member Badge: $100 Gift Card
  • Nerd Cog: $10 Gift Card
  • Genius Cog: $25 Gift Card
  • Brainiac Cog: $50 Gift Card
  • Certified Nerd Cog: $10 Gift Card
  • Certified Genius Cog: $25 Gift Card
  • Certified Brainiac Cog: $50 Gift Card

If you have not checked out IT Knowledge Exchange the time to start getting active in asking or answering questions.


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