Friday, November 12, 2010

My Take - TCQAA Meeting - Cloud Computing

Paul Selway from redpath talked about cloud computing last night at the TCQAA meeting. Very technical but informative presentation. He started with a high level picture of what cloud computing is and narrowed his focus to Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service). He used some good analogy to explain the concept of cloud computing. He compared the growth and evolution of cloud services similar to generating and distributing electricity.
He explained the cloud in real easy day to day terms. He asked us to stay away from cloud washing (like brain washing). He gave us good pointers on when to start thinking about the cloud and when to absolutely stay away from it.

I also had a good discussion with Barry Dietrich on how cloud will tie in well with lean and agile. We also talked about how we can take it back to our work plays to see how best to jump into the cloud.

Bonus for members who are still thinking about attending these meetings: There were several recruiters there looking for Test Leads and testers. Also there were couple of company representative's who were looking for people. The test market is opening and if you are looking for a job feel free to attend TCQAA meetings.


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