Thursday, November 4, 2010

Strength Accelerator - The Greatest Value you bring to the team - Coming Soon

I recently took the Strength Accelerator Test - its part of the new tool that Marcus Buckingham and his team is working on. Marcus Buckingham is the creator of the original strength finders assessment and has created several since then including one for women The Strong Life Test for Women)

I have taken the strengths finder and strengths finder for leaders. Here are my results for the top 5 in each category
My Top 5 Strengths

My Top 5 Leader Strengths

I took the assessment and was curious to see what else can they tell me about me after already learning so much from the previous two tests. Guess what I learned a lot. The results talk about "Strength Zones". It gives you the top two strengths that you bring to your team. My top was creator and I was surprised and curious till I read the description - "You make sense of the world, pulling it apart, seeing a better configuration, and creating it. 

The second strength zone was pioneer - You see the world as a friendly place where, around every corner, good things will happen. Your distinctive power starts with your optimism in the face of uncertainty. 

Together they make a lot of sense and I feel like it will help me channel my focus on using my strengths to do at work and home life. The results (20 pages long) has suggestions on how to use my strengths and how to get more value out of the two zones together. I will have to read the results several times and try to understand it all.
Over all a very good test and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn about their strengths and also to find out how to use the strengths in their everyday life.


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