Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday's Musings - Process Improvement

For the past few weeks I have been busy trying to find a project for my six sigma training scheduled in Feb. I have been looking at various processes within our testing team to see which one could be a good candidate for my project. This is not as easy as I thought it would be.

Yes we see a lot of broken processes and we think something is broken, needs improvement, needs help, needs fixing, etc. But when we starting digging deeper into the issues we see that what we think is the problem is not always the real problem. The problem maybe visible at certain points of the process but in reality the domino effect started somewhere else and the real trick is to find that origin of the problem.

So before we start digging we really have to do the ground work. Its not always easy to say yes I want to reduce the time it takes for testing an application. Well then how much time should it take? Who decides that? Same with we find too many defects or too less defects... well then who defines how many defects is good enough?
I don't have the answer to these questions and I don't have a project defined yet. I will be working the next few weeks to define it and I am sure my readers will hear about it. So for now I leave you all with
  1. Problems are not easy to define, especially if its gut feelings and not real data.
  2. Everyone has an opinion on why things are broken but as six sigma practitioners we have to learn to take the weed out and look at the data for answers.
  3. Questions lead to more questions and there is no easy way out.
Signing off with the hope 2011 will give me more answers than questions for my project.


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