Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcome 2011

2010 is almost over. Looking back I see changes. Like the famous quote "nothing is permanent but change" I see change more so in 2010 than in previous years. I adopted a lot of terms, terms I knew but didn't understand, terms I didn't know and now its my everyday word. So here is a small summary:
  • I started blogging here and now write regularly in a couple of different places
  • I made hundreds of tester friends online: people who motivate me on a daily basis, who teach me everyday and who help me be a better person
  • I came to realize I have a lot to learn
  • IPad, Xbox, Android, Twitter, Facebook: tools to help me if I learn to use them
  • I said goodbye to simple flip phones, home phone, GPS, CD player, big huge TV and computer monitors
I welcome 2011 with the following resolutions
  • I want to present at a conference
  • I want to get published
  • I want to travel to Europe
  • I want to go on a cruise
  • I want to complete my green belt certification
With these words I sign off in 2010 to return fully charged in 2011.


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